Chosen By God
The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty!
  • Chosen By God: The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty! Purchase The DVD & Figurines From Our Online Store
  • TAHARQA, son of the Pharoah Piye and nephew of the Pharoah Shebaka Purchase The DVD & Figurines From Our Online Store
  • AMENIRDIS I, the Divine Adortrice of Amun and God’s Wife of Amun Purchase The DVD & Figurines From Our Online Store


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Chosen By God - The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty!

The Greatest Story Never Told!

This is the Greatest untold story in the Bible!

Did you know that the Greatest Nubian/Kushite Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt saved the Hebrew people and the Hebrew religion?

Unearth the facts about the greatest Nubian/Kushite Queen of the Nile River!

For the first time you can own an authentic, numbered replica of the only Pharaoh who had the courage to defend Hezekiah and the Hebrew people against their enemies!

Learn about the relationship between the Nubian Pharaoh Taharqa and his allies and contemporaries Isaiah the great prophet and King Hezekiah of Jerusalem! [See Isaiah 37:9].

Everything presented here is based upon archeological evidence; anthropological, and historical authentication; and documentation from the Holy Bible!

BUY NOW! Own the complete story today on DVD – buy this hand-painted, numbered, authentic replica of two of the greatest Nubian/Kushite leaders in antiquity.

Tell the story as memorialized in this one and a half-hour documentary on the great Black Pharaohs of the Egyptian 25th Dynasty ( including interviews with internationally known academicians, archaeologists and religious experts ), to your children and grandchildren.

Pass on this legacy of greatness from Ancient Nubia (Cush) and own this authentically replicated memorabilia.




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* Please note that the terms Kush or Cush, Nubia and Ethiopia refer to the same region of Africa that was inhabited by people who were black.