Chosen By God
The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty!


A film that, for the first time chronicles the achievements and contributions of Black Leaders before the Mayflower and answers the questions:

Why is so little known about the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt – A Dynasty of Nubian Pharaohs – and the period in which the Holy Bible was written?

What did Abraham, David, Moses and Solomon have in common?

Was the Pharaoh Taharqa of this Dynasty, mentioned twice by name in the Bible, the Angel that GOD sent to kill 185,000 Assyrians (2 Kings 19:35)?

Why do the Old Testament Books of Chronicles and Kings end with this Dynasty?

Did the Nubian protection of the Hebrews throughout this Dynasty, salvage and protect the Hebrew religion?

This film describes the story of the Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty, whose reign for more than a century emphasized a period in history of great achievements, contributions and feats accomplished by black leaders and people. This was not just a time of conquest and military might, but a contributory era to modern civilization. The timeframe of around 700 BC was a period of Nubian leadership and rule that has been largely ignored by historians, but authenticated evidence shows that it was a time of achievement and greatness that sends a strong message to today's black community, particularly to young black males by enforcing a stronger familiarity with the concept of success as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama, our nation's first black President. This film makes a strong statement toward showing all members of the public at large, "that black people have a tradition of achievement and pride that evolved from a great heritage!"

Our film relies upon a three-pronged foundation for its factual content;

  • Documentation of achievements and events from the Holy Bible!
  • Confirmation by way of archeological evidence!
  • Validation from noted anthropologists, archeologists, historians, and religious leaders!

We at Reel Image, Inc. feel this film is both entertaining and informative, so we are pleased to announce the completion of "CHOSEN BY GOD – The Great Black Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty!"








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  • Sister Corita Burnham, RSM
    – St. John's Medical Center, Oxnard, CA
  • Pastor Bob Chiles,
    - Missionary
  • Carl E. Dickerson, Chairman
    – Reel Image, Inc.
  • Dennis C. Dickerson, PhD, DD
    – Vanderbilt University, Past Chairman of the American Bible Society
  • Constance Hilliard, PhD,
    - University of North Texas
  • Clarence Jones, Esq.
    – Scholar in Residence, Stanford University
  • Timothy Kendall, PhD,
    - Northeastern University
  • Pastor Steven E. Patterson,
    - Missionary
  • Lamont Roberts,
    - Author, Filmmaker
  • Father Calin Tamiian, MA, BCC
    – St. John's Medical Center, Oxnard, CA
  • Stewart Tyson-Smith, PhD
    – University of California Santa Barbara
  • Rev James H. Warden,
    - Author: "Blacks in the Bible"
  • Bruce Williams, PhD
    – Oriental Institute, University of Chicago

* Please note that the terms Kush or Cush, Nubia and Ethiopia refer to the same region of Africa that was inhabited by people who were black.